Sunday, October 23, 2011

Alana Grace

We are about to have another angel. We found out on October 15, 2011 that our baby girl has died. Her death was confirmed on monday, oct 17. I am still in the phase of shock i guess. I have had moments of sadness and despair, but really it doesnt seem real. It seems like it is impossible that I have lost another baby. I no longer feel pregnant, though i still look as though i am 4-5 months along. Almost as if i am living in a dream, and maybe i was never really pregnant. Like it was all in my head, and i am not being forced to now say goodbye. however, i know what is coming. I know I will be saying goodbye to our little girl.

We have named all of our angels, because all of our angels, are in fact, our children. While driving home from dinner the other night, we stsrted talking names, and Phil mentioned Alana. I had never really heard the name but it had a beautiful ring in my ears. I googled the meaning of the name, and it means "precious". Precious she is. She is so loved and wanted, and now we are forced to say goodbye.

I am waiting for her birthday. I wish i knew when she will leave my body, and come into the world, but I dont know when it will happen. I keep thinking it is going to happen, and labor is about to begin, but then everything stops. I am feeling ready. I am ready to see her, to hold her.

Alana is my 7th baby to die in the second trimester. My 5th that had died, for no apparent reason. She is my 3rd daughter to die. Alana is my 11th child. She will always be a part of my family, and I am proud to claim her as mine. I wish she were alive, and that i never had to say goodbye, but that is not the case. Now i just pray for the strength to get thru this trial. The strength to stand, to cry, to breathe. The strength to honor her, and to make her proud of me.


  1. I am so, so sorry for your loss. I have lost three babies in the second trimester. I wouldn't wish this pain on anyone! I will praying for you to find strength, grace and peace during this time.

  2. I'm so sorry Melissa, my heart is so broken for you. I've lost two in the second trimester & it crushed me. I admire your courage to continue giving these precious babes life. I know their feet never touched the earth, but they did live & our living in Heaven with the Lord now. You are an amazingly beautiful mother & I'm praying for you & your family.